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We create logos & videos to promote your business

We make small business owners and professionals stand out from the crowd. Your business, your profession, your talent will be well represented on a quality logo. You will also be able to communicate your message and easily advertise your services by creating effective videos.

Our logos and videos will become part of your marketing material to help you acquire new customers and sell your products and services

Beautiful Videos


Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand story and capture attention. lA video can eave a mark for your next big service product launch. It can be done in 1 minute video (or less time).
We can create stunning professional-level videos for all your needs. These videos can be engaging promo videos with licensed music. Quick turnaround time
Leave a mark of your next big product or service in a matter of seconds. Videos can be dramatic to happy; intense or peaceful

Multiple Use


Social Media Plan

We can help you take control of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to build your brand

Bite-Size Ads

A flashy, short and effective video


Get an affordable video solution and say no to expensive studio material that are beyond your reach

Video Testimonials

Show-off what customers say about your brand in an engaging video format


Bring your traditional poster ideas to life with our motion poster template

Intros and branded Logo giveaways

A powerful brand like yours needs an equally powerful introduction

Business and Corporate Presentations

Great for policy clarification, new products, big announcements, anniversaries


Great to detail your products and Services





Basic, Professional


Make your idea a reality

The best part of having an idea for a business is making it real. There’s nothing that ignites more passion than a brand new logo. We understand the power of a good logo. Once we get paid, your newly designed logo is yours with full copyright. You can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

High-res logos

Wherever you use your logo (e.g. Microsoft Word, Website or Apple Keynote), they are always super crisp.

Social Media Logo Package

Includes an email signature, favicon, several variations of the logo (single color, light background, dark background, transparent, vertical, etc), PNG and SVG versions, and even a desktop/mobile wallpaper. You can automatically resize your logos logos to use on all your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Just upload your new logo thumbnail. You can also effortlessly generates the right image sizes and logo variants.

Design Principles

Our logo design follow design principles. This ensures carefully balanced and good looking logo designs. We make sure that all design elements stay in harmony, no aspect of your logo will ever look out of place.

Affordability and what to expect

Hiring a professional designer is mostly out of reach for those that just started a new business. Our logo are perfect for freelancers, and startups.  If you are looking for a logo that looks like you paid USD 1,000 for it, then this is not the logo you want. Expect simple (but highly effective) classy, minimalist, modern and interesting, professional logos at a fraction of the price.

Great for Concept Visualization

Sometimes getting a logo can be a long process. We have a team of designers but they require extensive scope definition to get the logo exactly right. Our logos, at the very least will get you on the right track for the perfect design. Lets start by providing your company names, and slogan.

Our business ethic

Our Team Basic Principles

Honest Services

We made an effort to clearly describe the products and services we offer. All of our transactions are done with this premise in mind: Honesty

Best Solutions

Our services have been designed with your success in mind. We know it takes courage and resilience to overcome the challenges to run a business. 

Valuable add-on Services

Whether is your ideas, products, services, or hobby that goes online, we look for add-on and make recommendations, only if they will help you succeed

Create a Useful Tool

Any strategy is only good if it produces good results. We strive to develop your website as a useful tool and as a way that helps you get excellent results 


What our clients say

Gabby, MD

Great website. Thank you for the job you did creating our clinic's website

Nancy, Owner

What a beautiful website. I am really impressed with the quality of your designs

Steph, Consultant

What an amazig website!  It looks absolutely great. Our customers were very impressed



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