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Web Tools to help you run your business

We understand small business owners juggle multiple roles at any given moment. Whether it’s communication, time tracking, creating effective work schedules, filing reports, managing expenses, billing, boosting engagement, acquiring new customers, or preparing marketing material. With automation advancements using online business tools, owners and managers can now be on top of tasks with little manual upkeep, and they can focus on what really matters. We offer a handful of business tools to help grow your brick and mortar as well as your online business


Your website will cost less than half to design


Perfect Content and graphics, you are totally in charge


Your website will cost less than half to design


Perfect Content and graphics, you are totally in charge

Project  Management

Invoicing & Expenses

DigiQo Portal is a project management software and record keeping software in one package that works with the WordPress sites we develop. It creates a new directory to your front-end website “www.yourdomain.com/portal” where you can log-in and start using the portal. From there, you can create projects, send invoices to your clients and receive payments online via Stripe or PayPal.

Project  Management


Manage Your Projects

Easily manage your projects using WordPress Portal. Give access to your team, assign tasks, open discussions, upload files, and set milestones.

Get Tasks Done

Assign tasks to a specific team member and set the due date for this task. You can also open a discussion for every single task you. Tasks board helps you to know the status of all project tasks at a glance

Upload & Share Files

Share project files with your team on the go locally on your server or on the cloud using Google Cloud Storage based on your settings

Track Your Time

Our Portal tracker will let you and your team track your time based on project and task selection. All-time tracked will be added to the project and you can generate a timesheet for the tracked time on a specific date range

Send Invoices

Create and send invoices to your clients on the go. Invoice can be assigned to specific projects with auto calculations and status updates

Receive Payments

Receive payments online using Credit Card and PayPal for each invoice you sent. The client has the option to set a specific amount to pay or pay in full

Recurring Subscriptions

Create subscription plans and recurring invoices. Let your customers subscribe once to your service or product with just a few clicks, and let it go automatically by charging your client’s credit card or PayPal account



For your WordPress site



Get an affordable app building solution and say no to expensive code-based app development. Redefine your online business with native apps for both Android & iOS

Supports WordPress

Our mobile app solution is designed to support the native functionality of WordPress. Once your app is connected to your site; your pages, posts, categories, and menus will appear within the app automatically. Any changes made to your CMS or blog website will reflect instantly in your app

App ready as soon as your website is ready

Unlike custom app development, you can create an app within minutes, after your website is ready, with online app builders and ensure instant app delivery

Take complete control

Create highly customizable mobile apps that align with your business goals. Convert website to app and never compromise on quality


Generate native Android builds. Create an Android app and tap into a wider audience with AppMySite mobile app builder


Generate native iOS builds. Use multiple customization features to create the iOS app you always wanted



Audio Hosting


Helping small businesses & creators to grow your reach using videos and customized video landing pages

We offer you a video hosting platform, secure servers with a customizable player and tools to help grow your audience and promote your brand

Host and/or Record

Record or host your ad-free videos on a secured cloud and deliver through high-speed CDNs at unbelievable fast load times

Ad-free video

High-quality, ad-free video experience in a customizable video player that matches your branding

Embed videos

Embed videos on your website or blog or send them in an email to make sure they’re visible to your leads and customers

Social Media

You can also push your videos directly to your favorite social media profiles, instantly sharing them with your fans and followers

Protected Content

Our platform offers advanced security, so only the people that you intend to watch the content will have access to it


Use HLS encryption and advanced sharing settings with password-protected videos and domain restrictions to make sure the only the right people have access to your content.





Alternative to your dependance on Zoom to host virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain. It is the best platform for anyone needing to organize an event where attendees will want to show up for.

Our platform covers everything in virtual events from A to Z—event registration, ticketing, hosting, emails, payment, community, recordings, and more!

Online  Events


Easy to share your events

t’s all accessible with a simple URL, making it easy to share events. You don’t have to worry about attendees running into log-in or download issues.

Host various events from networking happy hours to multi-track conferences, covering ticketing, payment, recordings, and more

Cocktail Party

Connect attendees with 1:1 speed networking (with the “Cocktail Party” feature.), small group discussions, live Q&As, and a Groupfie -group selfie photo booth.

Host exciting interactive virtual events for groups to learn and socialize. This is a way to set your events apart from Zoom conference calls

Round Table option

Our platform also features a Round Table option that lets attendees discuss topics and meet with others in groups of three to eight people.

Designate the length of each round from two to ten minutes as well as the number of rounds, letting attendees make new connections and rekindle old friendships

Change Topics

As host, you can set table topics and assign attendees to groups. Attendees can choose to join or create a new table, thus they can jump from one topic to another. Attendees can also join the virtual queue and you can select who joins the speakers on “stage.”

Hosts can create Round Table discussion groups to keep attendees attentive on your event


Every event comes with a built-in online community where attendees can chat before, during, and after your event. Having a community means everyone has a social safety net

You can host exciting interactive events that leave your attendees feeling good and connected to their communities

Grab the Mic People

The Grab the Mic feature enables audience participation in discussions and facilitates live Q&As!

Don’t forget to take a shareable Groupfie of your audience to document your awesome event!

After all, whether your events are virtual or IRL, they’re all about the people

Making it memorable

You can also make your event stand out from the sea of Zoom calls with intro music, polls, stretch breaks, and sponsor shoutouts.

Let’s be real, many virtual events are forgettable. (some aren’t memorable for the right reasons)

You want your attendees to look back on your event and remember how awesome it was



Powerful Web Services

Assist in Designing

You can cut on Designers billing by adding content and graphics to your website to create your perfect website

eCommerce Sites

Start your online business in less than one week, with no large upfront as you do when you have a standard website developed

Learning Management System

Create Powerful Online Academies to teach courses, seminars, webinars, etc. Provide superb training experience to Customers

Logos & Marketing Videos

That brand needs to be matched with a a great logo. Your branding needs the proper videos

Our business ethic

Our Team Basic Principles

Honest Services

We made an effort to clearly describe the products and services we offer. All of our transactions are done with this premise in mind: Honesty

Best Solutions

Our services have been designed with your success in mind. We know it takes courage and resilience to overcome the challenges to run a business. 

Valuable add-on Services

Whether is your ideas, products, services, or hobby that goes online, we look for add-on and make recommendations, only if they will help you succeed

Create a Useful Tool

Any strategy is only good if it produces good results. We strive to develop your website as a useful tool and as a way that helps you get excellent results 


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What a beautiful website. I am really impressed with the quality of your designs

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What an amazig website!  It looks absolutely great. Our customers were very impressed

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